Mixed-gender basketball league (yes, there is one)

Mixed-gender basketball league (yes, there is one)

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Essex County, New Jersey –


The league is called the MGBA, which stands for the Mixed Gender Basketball Association. Headed by James Scott and Tamia Colon, the league presents itself as an unbiased alternative for players who wish to compete against other genders in a robust game that keeps physical capabilities in check by the games rules and regulations. Created by Dr. John Howard, the current president of the MGBA, the game pits players against each other by separating the amount of men and women on the court per period.

James Scott spoke about these simple guidelines and why he believes the MGBA is a great alternative to all pre-conceived notions about basketball.

“They should have been playing a long time ago. The game starts like this. First quarter there is three men and two women, second quarter there is three women and two men, and it goes back and forth. It’s an awesome concept,” Scott explained.

The league says it had a successful trial run on February 18th at Essex County Community College.

“The game was an awesome game. We were at 80% capacity full and people were cheering for players they didn’t even know,” Scott said. …

The final score of the game was 95 to 93, which many consider to be a great professional basketball score.

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