Shocker: Gun-runner Yee changed votes after getting special-interest money

Shocker: Gun-runner Yee changed votes after getting special-interest money

[Ed. – Well shut my mouth.]

… as the LA Times reports, there are more than a few curious votes in Yee’s legislative record which, by some amazing coincidence, seem to line up with large political contributions he received.

One of these involved an issue near and dear to the hearts of his always green, San Francisco supporters.

In August 2008, Yee voted against a bill (AB706) by a fellow San Francisco Democrat to require the state to regulate the use of fire-retardant chemicals on couches and other home furnishings. Yee had initially voted for the bill a year earlier but was one of two lawmakers to switch sides after it was expanded to include the toxic chemicals in children’s products. Yee in the interim also had received $5,000 from the American Chemistry Council, Clorox, DuPont and Monsanto. The bill failed.


[T]his begins to look like a repeating pattern when another sudden about face it taken into consideration.

That same month, the Legislature approved a bill (AB1945), later vetoed by the governor, that would have made it harder for health insurers to cancel coverage when a consumer gets sick. Yee supported the bill in committee but opposed it on the floor. Campaign reports show insurance companies raised $32,000 for the senator in the three months leading up to the crucial vote, nearly twice what it had contributed in the entire preceding year, and hosted a fundraiser for the lawmaker.

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