Make-up sex between Hillary and mainstream media has begun

Make-up sex between Hillary and mainstream media has begun

Did you hear about it? Hillary Clinton and the Mainstream Media are getting back together!

If you think the Establishment Press was in the tank for Barack Obama, brace yourself for what is about to be the most unrestrained, duplicitous and sloppiest session of make-up sex the history of love affairs has ever known…

Yes, Hillary has endured much indignity, but never has she been thrown over like in 2008 when the Media christened Black Jesus for President over her – heck even Oprah chose brotha’ over sista’!

Fear not though: Race may have trumped gender in 2008, but there’s nothing quite like make-up sex, is there? It’s with someone you know really well. You know their moves, their strengths, their needs, their strong desires and most importantly, you know they want it bad, baby…

And who wants it worse than “I’ll put up with Bill Clinton” Rodham Clinton? What civilized mother would allow her only daughter to be publically humiliated during her formative years, unless that drive for power were anything less than psychotic?

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