France: Mom of Hollande’s kids (and energy ignoramus) named energy minister

France: Mom of Hollande’s kids (and energy ignoramus) named energy minister

[Ed. – Well, at least she’s a career public official.  Vive la folie!]

During the presidential debate in 2007, Segolene Royal, like her opponent Nicolas Sarkozy, got her facts on France’s dependence on nuclear energy famously wrong.

Her estimate that France got 17 percent of its electricity from nuclear was way off the 77 percent it was. Also, her contention that the French-promoted EPR reactor was a mere “prototype” made industry executives cringe. Royal, 60 — a former partner of President Francois Hollande and the mother of his four children — who on April 2 was named France’s environment and energy minister, will have to get her facts on the sector straight, and quickly. …

Hollande’s nomination of Royal, who was a candidate in the 2011 Socialist primaries, got a cautious welcome from the environmental-activist group Greenpeace.

The anti-nuclear group, which got Royal to spell out her positions on key issues during her failed bid to become the Socialist candidate for the 2012 presidential elections, said in a statement issued after her nomination that her stance was “quite clear and ambitious,”

During that campaign, Royal vowed to lower dependence on nuclear energy and keep France’s ban on fracking, according to the Greenpeace document that is in the form of a questionnaire.

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