WH PR wing (aka CBS) highlights young Obamacare enrollee’s ‘peace of mind’

WH PR wing (aka CBS) highlights young Obamacare enrollee’s ‘peace of mind’

As the networks reported on President Obama’s Tuesday “victory lap” over ObamaCare’s new enrollment numbers, CBS played right into the administration’s hands by highlighting the “peace of mind” of a young adult who signed up for health care.

In what could have passed for a White House commercial, CBS’s Ben Tracy interviewed an uninsured 33 year-old who “felt like a ticking time bomb” before he signed up for ObamaCare at the deadline. He told CBS “now I have it, so it’s – it’s sort of a peace of mind thing for me.”…

ABC’s Jonathan Karl hailed Tuesday as a big day for Democrats: “But Diane, in the four years since the Affordable Care Act passed, when it comes to health care, this is the best day that Democrats have had.”

All the networks noted Obama’s “victory lap” of a speech at the Rose Garden, although they also pointed out that “questions remain” on the law. As CBS’s Major Garrett asked, “How many young healthy Americans the so-called ‘invincibles’ crucial to ObamaCare economics signed up? How many enrollees did not have insurance before? And how many enrollees have actually paid for a policy?”

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