Obamacare takes a life: Daughter, doctor blame President for father’s death

Obamacare takes a life: Daughter, doctor blame President for father’s death

Yesterday the Obama Administration boasted that six million people had signed up for Obamacare.

There was not a word about Frank Alfisi.

Frank Alfisi was killed by Obamacare.

His daughter, Amy DiFrancesca, is furious. And yes, she quite specifically blames the President of the United States for her father’s death. As did the doctor who told Amy: “You can thank Mr. Obama for this.”

Before we get to the specifics of how Frank Alfisi died, let’s begin with the who of this story. Mr. Alfisi was not a statistic. He wasn’t a guinea pig or a lab rat. Frank Alfisi was a real person. A son, a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather. So let’s start here by getting to know something about Amy’s Dad Frank.

Frank, 73 when he died on January 12, 2014, grew up “very poor” in New York City. His own father — Amy’s grandfather — died when Frank was young. So Frank quit school to work in the produce business alongside his brothers. Among other things, Frank Alfisi sold bananas, a mundane fact of the produce business life that decades later would win him an affectionate nickname from his friends.

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