NYT reporter: Democrats are still running from Obamacare

NYT reporter: Democrats are still running from Obamacare

Jeremy Peters of The New York Times argued on Morning Joe that despite all of the celebrating from the Obama administration over the 7.1 million healthcare signup figure, Congressional Democrats are still running from the Affordable Care Act.

Peters, speaking Wednesday morning on MSNBC, shared an anecdote from the Democrats’ followup Obamacare press conference yesterday on Capitol Hill.

“Well, just to give you an example I think of how far Democrats would like to distance themselves from this law, there was a press conference yesterday at the Capitol after the president’s press conference, and the only Democrats who showed up were from New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and those are not exactly swing states or red states. So it kind of gives you a idea. No Mary Landrieu, big surprise there, No Mark Begich.”

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