Twin brothers found in Tennessee home where they died in 2011

Twin brothers found in Tennessee home where they died in 2011

[Ed. – This is just getting weird.]

They were born together — and likely died together.

Two identical twin brothers were found dead in their Chattanooga, Tenn., house over the weekend — and police believe the men had been decomposing inside the well-kept home since 2011.

Anthony and Andrew Jackson, both 63, were found sitting in reclining chairs in the living room of their Acorn Court home, WRCB-TV reported.

A time-stamped receipt sitting next to some unopened cans of Coca-Cola gave authorities their best guess that the Jacksons, who suffered from diabetes and other health issues, had been dead since early 2011.

The twins’ sister reportedly tried to get in the home in August 2011 to check on them, but could not get in the house.

Over the weekend, a family member did get a key and got into the house to make the grim find.

Neighbors never suspected the two had died because the house was in good order, with the lawn routinely mowed and the mail taken away.

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