Egyptian Islamists haul Christian woman from car, beat and stab her to death

Egyptian Islamists haul Christian woman from car, beat and stab her to death

The incident occurred in the Cairo suburb of Ain Shams after mosque  prayer services on Friday, when police clashed with Muslim Brotherhood  supporters angered by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s decision to run for president.

An eyewitness appearing on “90 minutes,” a program on the al-Mehwar satellite network, said 25-year-old Mary Sameh George was attacked in her car near a church, where she planned to deliver medicine to an ill and elderly woman.

Protestors climbed onto her car, collapsing the roof, then hauled her from the vehicle, beating and mauling her – to  the extent, he said, that portions of her scalp were torn off. She was  stabbed multiple times, her throat was slit and when she was dead, the  mob torched her car.

One Coptic outlet said that according to the health ministry, the young woman had been stabbed at least a dozen times.

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The death of Mary Sameh George received little coverage in Egyptian newspapers.

The state-owned Al Ahram daily, in a report on five people  reported killed in various parts of Cairo on Friday among them a  journalist who was shot dead, included one sentence saying, “A Coptic  woman, Mary George, was reportedly stabbed to death by pro-Morsi  supporters in the same area.” …

When Sisi, the general was oversaw Morsi’s removal, confirmed last  week what many had long suspected – that he plans to run for the  presidency in elections scheduled for May, the pro-Morsi alliance known  as “National Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy” called for street  protests after Friday prayers.

“Let the million-man demonstration on Friday be great and  remarkable,” the group said in an announcement on its Facebook page.  “Let all those who are angry gather for a new phase which this nation  needs.”

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