Study: If we wave a magic wand, millions won’t need blood-pressure meds!

Study: If we wave a magic wand, millions won’t need blood-pressure meds!

[Ed. – What is this leading up to?  Insurance not covering blood-pressure meds, even if a doctor thinks a particular patient should still be on them?]

One in four American adults over 60 being treated for high blood pressure could go off their medication under recent guidelines issued in the United States, a study said Saturday.

The changes, which stirred controversy in the medical community, could mean nearly six million may no longer need drugs to control their blood pressure, Duke University researchers said in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The findings are the first to analyze the impact of 2014 guidelines that raised blood pressure targets to 150/90, instead of the previous goal of 140/90, in adults age 60 and older. …

13.5 million adults — most of them over the age of 60 — would no longer be considered in a danger zone.

Of that group, 5.8 million adults would no longer need blood pressure pills.

“The new guidelines do not address whether these adults should still be considered as having hypertension,” Navar-Boggan said.

“But they would no longer need medication to lower their blood pressure.”

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