Appalling: Saudis denied visa to Jewish reporter – U.S. citizen – for Obama visit

Appalling: Saudis denied visa to Jewish reporter – U.S. citizen – for Obama visit

[Ed. – If you think “it” can’t happen again.]

Michael Wilner, a U.S. citizen who covers the White House for the Jerusalem Post, applied for a visa with other members of the White House press corps but was turned down on Monday.

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One as the president flew from the   Netherlands to Brussels on Tuesday night, Rhodes said the  administration was “very disappointed” and had taken up the matter with the Saudis.

“We’ll continue to raise our concerns with the Saudis about why this journalist was denied a visa and about our very strong objections to  their decision.”

“That didn’t cause you guys to reconsider going to Saudi   Arabia or anything like that?” a reporter asked.

“No,” Rhodes replied. “Look, we have disagreements with Saudi Arabia  on a number of issues. We obviously have had disagreements in the past  as it relates to some issues associated with Israel, some issues  associated with human rights.

“But we also share a significant set of interests with Saudi Arabia. They’re a very important partner of ours in the Gulf, and we believe  it’s better to have the type of relationship where we can cooperate but also be clear and honest with one another where we have differences.”

Rhodes said the Saudis had not provided a reason for the decision.

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