Unrepentant IRS promises to slow-roll turning over Lerner emails

Unrepentant IRS promises to slow-roll turning over Lerner emails

[Ed. – Now they’re just peeing on our leg.]

WASHINGTON — Internal Revenue Service documents requested by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee could take years to produce, the IRS commissioner said.

At a hearing Wednesday, Commissioner John Koskinen sparred with Republicans over the breadth of the investigation into the agency’s handling of applications for tax-exempt status of conservative groups.

The Oversight Committee has subpoenaed the IRS for all e-mails to and from key figures in the controversy, including former Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner. Lerner has twice refused to testify to the committee, and Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said e-mails are “the next best substitute.” …

Koskinen said the IRS has provided 690,000 pages of documents to the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees, which have primary jurisdiction over the agency and are authorized to view sensitive taxpayer information. House and Senate oversight committees have received 420,000 of redacted documents.

The IRS has been focusing on producing documents with certain key words, like “Tea Party” and “election.” If the House Oversight Committee wants all e-mails from those employees, it will get “millions” of e-mails, most of which will be completely irrelevant, Koskinen said.

In one particularly testy exchange with Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, Koskinen said the IRS has already spent 10 months and $15 million complying with various investigations. It could take at least 10 more months to comply with a “broader, more sweeping request,” he said.

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