Pelosi’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment

Pelosi’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment

Obamacare’s fourth anniversary is upon us. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi assured reporters “it’s a winner” for Democrats, but her testiness suggested otherwise.

“[I]t’s called the Affordable Care Act,” she corrected a reporter. “It’s called the Affordable Care Act.” And why? “Affordable. Affordable,” she replied. “There’s a reason. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable.”

Except that in some parts of the country, premiums are expected to double. A report by eHealthinsurance found that premiums in the individual and family markets have already increased more, before factoring in taxpayer subsidies, since early 2013 than in the previous eight years combined.

The most common reason cited by people who have yet to purchase insurance under Obamacare, McKinsey & Company found in a marketing survey, is that they can’t afford the premiums. As many as four of five companies surveyed by Mercer LLC may raise deductibles on their employees to offset costs imposed by Obamacare regulations.

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