Yeah, that’ll work: Father gets restraining order against his son’s bully

Yeah, that’ll work: Father gets restraining order against his son’s bully

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A Bay Area father has requested and been granted a restraining order against a 9-year-old boy who has been bullying his son, according to 5WPIX.

The father, Stephen Feudner, requested the restraining order after the administrators at Rolling Hills Elementary in Fairfield, Ca., refused to stop the verbal and physical assaults against his son.

Feudner claimed he was stonewalled by the school for months, forcing him to take extraordinary measures.

“It was my last resort,” he said. “I tried everything else so why not try that? And it was granted.”

Citing privacy concerns, the school had refused to explain to Feudner much about the boy accused of bullying.

The restraining order has yet to be served as the school refuses to release the full name and address of the 4th grade student. A restraining order must be served within five days, otherwise it could end up being null and void.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Department reports this is the first order of its kind to be served to a child. However the family need to get the correct information about the alleged bully for the restraining order to be issued and served.

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