Woman dies after injecting Vaseline into her own breasts for DIY boob job

Woman dies after injecting Vaseline into her own breasts for DIY boob job

Many women, at one time or another, express the desire for a bigger derrière, while others desire to have a full bust line, or sometimes both. While breast implants and butt implants can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000, according to theAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons, several women succumb to more unconventional and dangerous black market procedures to attain their desired physique. Thirty-nine-year-old Argentine athlete and mother Sonia Perez Llanzon paid a hefty price for beauty when she injected Vaseline into her breasts during a do-it-yourself (DIY) boob job that cost her life.

Llanzon was rushed to the Lucio Molas hospital in Santa Rosa, Argentina, just 350 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, after she experienced difficulty breathing, La Capital reported. The athlete was found to have several lesions on both of her breasts as a result of the Vaseline injections. Initially, Llanzon denied any knowledge of what she did but later confessed to the doctors she injected the solution in hopes of making her breasts bigger.

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