Iran, Obama DHS agree: Evangelical Christians a ‘threat to national security’

Iran, Obama DHS agree: Evangelical Christians a ‘threat to national security’

The Iranian government views evangelical Christians as a threat to national security and has imprisoned some of them for up to 8 years, according to a UN report. The report on the human rights situation in Iran also says that things have not improved for the country’s religious minorities since the election of President Hassan Rouhani last year. …

The report features a list of known religious prisoners in Iran, including their sentences and reasons for conviction.

Among Christians imprisoned are Rasoul Abdollahi, serving three years for “collusion against the government and evangelism”, Farshid Fathi, serving six years for “propaganda against the system… Undermining national security…” and Jamshid Jabari, accused of “insulting Islam”.

Numerous Christians are accused of being members of groups that “aim to disrupt national security” and spread “propaganda against the system”. …

Dr Shaheed told the UN Human Rights Council: “Hundreds of individuals reportedly remain in some form of confinement for exercising their fundamental rights, including some 39 journalists and bloggers, 92 human rights defenders, 136 Baha’is, 90 Sunni Muslims, 50 Christians, and 19 Dervish Muslims,” according to the Baha’i World News Service.

Christianity has been present in Iran for almost as long as the religion has existed, and longer than the state religion is Islam. Its followers have been heavily persecuted since the 1979 revolution brought the current regime to power.

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