Sore winner: Putin, on a roll, orders fireworks over Moscow

Sore winner: Putin, on a roll, orders fireworks over Moscow

[Ed. – That ought to wake up the Fates.]

Fireworks have been let off over Moscow on President Vladimir Putin’s orders   as Russia celebrated the formal annexation of Crimea, in a front to the   West.

Mr Putin laughed off the US sanctions that targeted his inner circle,   promising the Russian government would “have the back” of those on the list,   and even opening a personal account at a sanctioned bank as an act of   solidarity.

“Far as I’m aware, it’s an average bank,” Mr Putin said on Friday of Bank   Rossiya, the only institution on the list of sanctions targets released by   the US Treasury Department on Thursday. “I don’t have a personal account   there, but I’ll open on on Monday.”

And in what appeared to be a move to de-escalate tensions, he even said he had   no intention of imposing answering reactions. “We should refrain from   retaliatory steps,” he said.

Mr Putin’s remarkable insouciance in the morning was not matched by his   spokesman in the afternoon, who said Russia   would impose “a mirror image” of such sanctions.

[O]ne internet-theme has seen the management of local businesses – from   Moscow shops to Irish pubs – posting notices on their doors banning Barack   Obama.

One Moscow financier who spoke on condition of anonymity said the far reaching   nature of the US sanctions had sent a shock through the business community,   but that the mood amongst investors had quickly recovered.

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