You have a license to carry that gun tattoo?

You have a license to carry that gun tattoo?

In a story that is just full of fail a man from Maine had his home besieged by SWAT troopers armed with assault rifles because he had a tattoo.

In Norridgewock Maine, Michael Smith works nights so when a tree removal crew entered onto HIS property and started making a racket at 10 am he was understandably upset.  Smith arose from his bed and went outside to tell the intruders to get off his property and to keep it down.  Coming directly from his comfortable bed Smith didn’t feel inclined to put a shirt on.  It was this inaction that revealed his “dangerous and frightening” tattoo; that of a handgun by his waistband.

Smith went back to bed and the tree removal crew called the cops and filed a false report.  The crew said something to the effect that Smith had threatened them with a gun and as a result a few minutes after returning to bed the Sheriff of Somerset and Maine State Troopers besieged his house and demanded via bullhorn for him to come out and surrender himself.

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