Arm the TSA? What could possibly go wrong?

Arm the TSA? What could possibly go wrong?

Communications breakdowns and a lack of coordination hindered response efforts during last year’s shooting rampage at Los Angeles International Airport, according to an independent review of the incident.

The report, released Tuesday, said paramedics took 33 minutes to reach slain Transportation Security Agency officer Gerardo Hernandez, 39. An autopsy revealed that the federal employee died two to five minutes after being shot. He was the first TSA agent to be killed the line of duty.

The American Federation of Government Employees, which represents TSA officers, responded to the report with renewed calls for a new unit of armed TSA officers who could help protect airport checkpoints around the clock.

The review said agencies lacked the ability to communicate with each other by radio during the shooting incident, saying “each was unaware of what the others were doing.” It found that emergency responders took 45 minutes to establish a unified command after first setting up separate staging areas, and that emergency phones and panic alarms were not working properly.

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