LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is SO dreamy (not like that loser de Blasio)

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is SO dreamy (not like that loser de Blasio)

[Ed. – He’s not only handsome but a powerful man.]

He has been a stark contrast to New York’s new Democratic mayor, Bill de Blasio, who has been highly visible but abrasive and obsessive about one cause: funding a pre-K program by taxing the wealthy. While de Blasio came to power belittling Michael Bloomberg’s tenure, Garcetti went to Manhattan before he was sworn in eight months ago to seek out Bloomberg’s advice.

“I pull some of the metric-based leadership from Bloomberg,” he said, during an interview at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, in a room covered in Spanish tile that served as the first locale for a fledgling little event called the Academy Awards. But he stressed that he also thinks it’s really important “to connect emotionally.”

While de Blasio has been publicly battling Gov. Andrew Cuomo on raising taxes and closing charter schools, Garcetti has been quietly and amiably working with Gov. Jerry Brown on climate change and on providing tax inducements that would stem the exodus of film and TV production companies to Louisiana and Canada. Garcetti recalled that Governor Brown told him over dinner, “You only have a few chances to really communicate. Don’t waste them.”

“I’m not that interested in a bunch of flash early on,” Garcetti said, noting that you have to build a team, figure out your style and “find a narrative for your city.”

While de Blasio is seen as a captive of unions and foe of business, Garcetti has pushed back against the powerful public works employees’ union and reached out to business.

“He’s much more of a Bloomberg mayor than a de Blasio mayor,” said one prominent C.E.O. here. “He clearly understands the need to partner with us and not bash us.”

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