Health insurance premiums up to 56% higher under Obamacare

Health insurance premiums up to 56% higher under Obamacare

I know y’all would probably like to see more videos of young liberals burning their Obama t-shirts, but we need to get back to the real world and relevant issues.

The clock is ticking on the enrollment period deadline for that scourge and lifelong objective of progressive socialists: Obamacare. In these final days we will be subjected to lots of Orwellian propaganda and marketing gimmicks from the Obama administration — who is paying for all this?

But we will do our best to reveal the truth. And it hurts. Bad.

Thanks to Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, “Americans buying health insurance outside of the new Obamacare exchanges (i.e. without a subsidy) are being forced to swallow premiums up to 56 percent higher than before the health law took effect because insurers have jumped the cost to cover all the added features of the new Affordable Care Act.”

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