Surgeon General nominee blocked because Dems tremble in fear of NRA

Surgeon General nominee blocked because Dems tremble in fear of NRA

[Ed. – They do?]

Let’s say you work for the NRA. You faced a semi-close call in early 2013, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. For the first time in half a generation, a gun control measure got a vote—a watery version of enhanced background checks—but four Democrats and nearly every Republican opposed it, allowing it to be sunk by a filibuster. By now you’ve got a pretty good idea of which party to back in 2014. And really, when November comes, are you going to be tempted to bail out Mark Pryor by endorsing him over Tom Cotton? Of course you’re not.

So how hard are you laughing at the blockade of Vivek Murthy’s nomination to be surgeon general? It was a classic drive-by shooting, an early push by the NRA that escaped the attention of the media until the target was beyond help. Reports Lisa Mascaro:

Democratic leaders in the Senate have begun surveying senators to determine whether there is enough support to save the troubled nomination. Few Republicans are expected to back Murthy, and as many as eight Democrats also could be opposed.

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