WH mouthpiece Dan Pfeiffer guarantees no delay to individual mandate

WH mouthpiece Dan Pfeiffer guarantees no delay to individual mandate

While several other elements of the health-care law have unilaterally been delayed, top White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer ruled out the possibility that President Obama would delay the individual mandate.

“That will not happen?” David Gregory pressed Pfeiffer on Meet the Press.

“That will not happen,” he asserted.

Pfeiffer’s guarantee comes days after the Wall Street Journal reported that the Obama administration quietly provided a two-year “hardship exemption” from the mandate for those who had their previous health-care plans canceled. The Department of Health and Human Services included that exemption in a separate announcement delaying another aspect of the law: one that would allow insurance providers to renew previously terminated plans after 2016.

Nonetheless, Pfeiffer defended the administration’s delays as being part of the process of implementing large pieces of legislation.

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