TPM covers ‘white rally’ no one showed up for

TPM covers ‘white rally’ no one showed up for

[Ed. – Reminder to TPM: if you can hear the dog whistle, you’re the dog.]

A smattering of white people on Saturday stood up to discrimination against their race that exists only in their minds.

The so-called “White Man March” was the brainchild of an organizer named Kyle Hunt, who wrote on his website that he expected “thousands” of people to take part in “coordinated pro-white activity.”

By the looks of it, his vision may have been a bit lofty. The demonstrations appear to have mostly involved a few people here and there holding up signs decrying “diversity.”

Hunt’s movement did, however, earn a ton of mockery on Twitter with the hashtag #WhiteManMarchProtestSigns.

There was some participation though. Individuals from Missouri, Arkansas and even New Zealand posted photos on the event’s website. Most of the photos showed no more than a couple white guys holding banners that read “‘DIVERSITY’ = WHITE GENOCIDE,” apparently the event’s rallying cry.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on a local group in Florence, Ky. that held pro-white signs at a busy intersection for a few hours on Saturday.

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