Surge in luxury shooting ranges caters to new gun culture

Surge in luxury shooting ranges caters to new gun culture

It’s the lunch hour on a recent Wednesday, and pricey sedans outnumber pickups parked at the crowded parking lot of the indoor Frisco Gun Club.

Mercedes, BMW, Lexus — they’re all here.

Inside the club, men sit in leather chairs and do business over a gourmet lunch.

A middle-aged woman browses a spacious shopping area and eyes a purse designed to conceal a handgun.

The club’s marketing manager talks up a future pizza-and-pistol family night promotion.

All the while, less than 100 feet away, more than a dozen shooters blast targets on ranges where a state-of-the-art ventilation system purifies the air.

Take note Elmer Fudd — this is definitely not your granddaddy’s good ol’ boy retreat.

“It’s like a country club,” said Jason Tanaka, a 40-year-old mortgage executive who skipped lunch to put 100 rounds through his new semi-automatic pistol.

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