POTUS makes news by shopping at the Gap in NYC

POTUS makes news by shopping at the Gap in NYC

[Ed. – White House pool report news, that is.  Read: friendly and sycophantic.  And yes, youthful children-types, it’s the Gap. We were shopping in it back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.]

Obama told an employee at the East 42nd and Third Avenue store that he was shopping for Michelle and his daughters. More from the White House pool report:

Eventually, Obama and the sales associate delved into sweaters in a rainbow of colors, holding up each choice and assessing what his daughters might like. The employee recommended a V-neck sweater, but the president gravitated toward the slightly more modest round-neck options, saying, “I’m worried the V-neck is going to slip.” Eventually, he settled on a gray and white striped sweater and a bright coral sweater for his daughters.

The sales associate suggested that perhaps the first lady might like a hoodie, but the president said she seldom wears hoodies. He said she would like athletic gear and quickly picked out a blue workout jacket.

“I think the ladies will be impressed by my style sense,” Obama said.

“Who’s going to ring me up?” he asked as he approached the counter.

A longtime Gap [employee] named Sonia volunteered, saying, “He’s better looking in person.”

Although the employees tried to sell Obama on signing up for a Gap card — which would have made him eligible for a discount — the president declined. “I’ve got one card,” he said as he presented his credit card.

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