Keystone Pipeline protest showcases opposition’s hypocrisy

Keystone Pipeline protest showcases opposition’s hypocrisy

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Hundreds of Keystone Pipeline protestors descended on the Nation’s capital last week to participate in a march from Georgetown University to the White House where they urged President Obama to join in their dissent.

Clad in plastic suits and Captain Planet costumes, the crowd of college students and their environmentalist elders bore clever homemade signs denouncing fossil fuels and equating climate change to class warfare. Though they turned out to protest a variety of “environmental crises,” their hypocrisy stole the show.

“I flew here from Boulder [Colorado],” said one protestor, who later signed a mock petition asking Congress “to pass legislation that would lower the Earth’s temperatures.”

However, the fossil-fuel foes who boasted their decision to travel by greyhound or road-trip in their Toyota Prius, deserve a dose of reality as well. Last year, Climate Central issued a report which stated that “in 39 states, an electric car actually produces more emissions from its manufacture to its 50,000th mile than a gas and electric-powered hybrid.”

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