Joe McGinniss, the journalist who harassed Sarah Palin, dead at 71

Joe McGinniss, the journalist who harassed Sarah Palin, dead at 71

Too bad to put in a life’s work and have something creepy that you did be the #1 thing many or most people attach to your name when they see that you died.

“The Selling of the President” was a great exposé of the what it takes to run for President. As the NYT puts it in the obituary (linked above):

When Mr. McGinniss published “The Selling of the President,” his famous account of Richard M. Nixon’s television-centered campaign in 1969, he was only 26. The book went behind the scenes with President Nixon’s consultants and became a model for political reporting.

1969, eh? Come on NYT! How hard is it to get the presidential election years right? Especially 1968. 1968 was by far the most dramatic election year of the 13 presidential election years I’ve watched personally. (I lived through 2 others, but I paid zero attention.) [ADDED: Alternatively, “in 1969” is a the old “misplaced modifier” error.]

(h/t Instapundit)

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