Dartmouth caves to students who threatened ‘physical action’

Dartmouth caves to students who threatened ‘physical action’

[Ed. – Because it worked so well in the ’60s.]

Having been threatened with “physical action” by an unknown number of anonymous students if it did not respond to a list of more than 120 demands, the Dartmouth administration promptly surrendered last week and is planning on spending at least $31 million to satisfy the students’ will.

College President Phil Hanlon and Provost Martin Wybourne made a statement last Thursday in response to the so-called “Freedom Budget” — the eight-page letter and list of demands made by the anonymous students – saying, “Diversity is one of the cornerstones of our academic community and, like you, we want Dartmouth to be a campus where our students gain the confidence and skills to work and lead in a global society.” …

In response to the demands for racial quotas, Dartmouth plans to allocate $1 million to hire faculty “who bring diverse perspectives to campus.” Another $30 million will also be spent to bring in more minorities for the post-doctorate program.

The college also promised to provide funds for financial aid students to participate in off-campus programs, will expand the E.E. Just program to support the academic success of minority students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and promised to “do more.”

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