Ben Carson at CPAC: ‘The most important person, when it comes to the future, is you’

Ben Carson at CPAC: ‘The most important person, when it comes to the future, is you’

Wise and gentle neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson hates political correctness.  He’s not wild about “dummies” who twist common-sense things he says into absurd slander.  And anyone who wants to tell him America is not an exceptional nation is cordially invited to “go jump in a lake.”

Simple common sense is Dr. Carson’s watchword.  He looks around the Beltway and sees a neurotic, overwrought dominant culture that has ordinary folks “beaten into submission” and “afraid to speak up for what they believe.”  He’s not going to be bullied himself, and he encouraged everyone else to follow his lead, tearing the badges away from the P.C. police and enjoying a few laughs at their expense.  He understands the Left’s game, as laid out by radical guru Saul Alinsky, and he’s ready to play.

Carson was greeted by a packed hall festooned with flags urging him to run for President.  He began his speech by introducing his wife to the crowd.  When he glanced at the clock and announced he was running out of time, the walls rang with cries for him to keep going.  There is a great appetite for the intelligence, good humor, and common sense that he offers.  His speech was a half-dozen seemingly disconnected things that happened to be on his mind that day.  The audience would happily have remained if another twenty thoughts had occurred to him.

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