Defense intel chief: White House WAS warned about Russia, Ukraine

Defense intel chief: White House WAS warned about Russia, Ukraine

[Ed. – Did someone actually believe the White House on this?]

US spy agencies warned the White House of imminent action by Russia in Ukraine and were not caught off guard by the crisis, a top official said Friday, rejecting criticism from lawmakers.

Facing accusations the spy services were taken by surprise, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, said in an interview the intelligence community predicted the likely intervention of Russian troops up to a week in advance.

“I think for easily seven to 10 days leading up to the Russian troops as we see them now in Crimea, we were providing very solid reporting on what I would describe as just strategic warning,” Flynn told National Public Radio.

The warnings gradually escalated to the point where Russian intervention in Crimea was described as “imminent,” Flynn said. …

Flynn insisted that US political leaders had ample warning of what could be coming in Crimea, where Russian forces have taken effective control over the peninsula in the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War.

“I think that when the evidence, if you will, is looked at, the results will show that there was good strategic warning provided to our decision makers in order to make the right kinds of decisions about what sort of policy actions may be taken,” he told NPR.

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