Death row inmate writes ‘final statement’ comparing prison to slavery

Death row inmate writes ‘final statement’ comparing prison to slavery

Ray Jasper is on death row in Texas and scheduled to be put to death on March 19, but the man convicted of robbing and killing a recording studio owner wants people to hear his voice one last time.

Jasper was convicted in participating in the 1998 slaying of David Alejandro, and has been on death row for more than a decade. He had previously written about his death row experiences as part of Gawker’s Letters from Death Row.

Ray Jasper was asked to respond again, and sent a multi-page letter that he acknowledges “could be my final statement on earth.” Though he was only a teenager at the time of the slaying, Jasper writes eloquently on the idea of empathy and judgment, also indicting a prison system that he equates to slavery.

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