WaPo buries D.C. mayor’s scandalous fundraiser at home of jailed mogul

WaPo buries D.C. mayor’s scandalous fundraiser at home of jailed mogul

Washington Post Metro reporter Aaron Davis has an excellent story in today’s paper about ethically-deficient D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray (D) attending a reelection campaign fundraiser at the home of an “incarcerated real estate mogul” who is guilty of having “prey[ed] on homeowners facing foreclosure.” Said home, by the way, is $36,000 in arrears on D.C. property taxes.  Last year some of Davis’s colleagues reported on how the Gray administration had moved to evict elderly residents from their houses for paltry sums of backpaid taxes, many times in cases where they had not been properly notified that they owed the District any money.

Unfortunately for Davis, and more importantly, for Post readers, his editors decided to shuffle his story off to page C5 in the Sunday paper. By contrast, they plastered the front page of Metro with an above-the-fold headline scolding the Virginia state legislature — the lower house of which is dominated by Republicans — for not going far enough in its ethics reforms: “Va. moves to tighten ethics rules — but not too much.”

“Loopholes remain in proposed bills,” added the first subheader. A second subhead quoted the state senate’s majority leader, a Democrat, “Saslaw: ‘Either you’re dishonest or you’re not.'”

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