Supremes won’t hear German home-schooling family case

Supremes won’t hear German home-schooling family case

The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from a German family seeking asylum in the United States because their home country does not allow home-schooling.

The justices rejected an appeal from Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, who say the German government is persecuting them because they want to raise their children in accordance with their Christian beliefs and home-school their children. …

The Romeike family moved to Morristown, Tenn., in 2008 after facing fines and threats for refusing to send their children to a state-approved school, as required by Germany’s compulsory attendance law. They believe that if they go back to Germany and continue to home-school, the state will take custody of their children. They claim Germany’s laws violate international human rights standards.

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected that claim claim last year. The court found that U.S. law does not grant asylum to “every victim of unfair treatment.” …

The family has continued to fight to stay in the United States with their children, and the children have expressed their desire to stay as well. One of the Romeike children told Glenn Beck during an interview last April that “this is home” now.

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