Obama ‘helping’ America’s black teens by holding them down

Obama ‘helping’ America’s black teens by holding them down

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Obama and the Democrats cause or exacerbate a problem. Then he gives some “important” flowery speech where he laments the problem that “America” (or “the rich”, or “Republicans”, but never “Democrats”) caused, and claims to care about the victims. And hey, here’s this new government program that “I” am creating to address this problem. Because “I” care. And because “I” am the only one smart enough to come up with a grand solution.

I know, right? It sounds stupid to any American with a brain. But if you’re Obama, why not do this over and over again, as long as the media whores breathlessly repeat your agitprop. So, I bring you the latest “hey look, squirrel victims!” PR campaign to distract America from his miserable economy, and from his feckless, flaccid, surrender-first American foreign policy disaster in Ukraine unfolding before our eyes:

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