Obamacare’s under-the-radar sales push

Obamacare’s under-the-radar sales push

[Ed. – One of these days, he’ll get around to doing his job.]

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden spent their week pushing Obamacare — but most of the country probably didn’t notice.

The final month of the White House enrollment campaign isn’t about daily events in Washington or speeches aimed at a national audience. Instead, Obama, Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, cabinet members and senior administration officials are showering attention in very targeted ways on African Americans, Latinos, young people and the top 25 cities with the most uninsured Americans.

They’re hitting The View and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But what’s less noticed is how they’re popping up on syndicated radio shows, at local enrollment events and on social media networks, hawking health insurance like product pitchmen.

In the last week, Obama spoke with the radio hosts Erazno y la Chokolata and Russ Parr. Biden hosted four conference calls. Even White House chief of staff Denis McDonough, who rarely sits for interviews, appeared on two sports stations.

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