Did ex-CIA chief Mike Morell lie about Benghazi to help Obama get reelected?

Did ex-CIA chief Mike Morell lie about Benghazi to help Obama get reelected?

Former CIA acting Director Mike Morell might be recalled for testimony to determine if he misled Congress and doctored the White House response to a terrorist attack to ensure President Obama’s re-election.

The administration’s tangled web of Benghazi lies might be unraveling some more. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., has told Fox News that Morell, a former deputy director and twice acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will likely be recalled to testify.

The recall comes after new charges surfaced that Morell misled Congress about what he knew regarding the 2012 Benghazi attack and when he knew it. There are also questions about his role in altering the talking points about the attack on our diplomatic mission to benefit Obama’s re-election campaign and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run.

On Thursday, three senators who met with Morell and Susan Rice in late 2012 called for the former U.N. ambassador to testify before Congress as well.

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