CT state trooper: Woman ‘anti-American’ for questioning gun control law

CT state trooper: Woman ‘anti-American’ for questioning gun control law

In a video posted Thursday to YouTube, Connecticut State Police Spokesman Lt. Paul Vance is heard telling a woman identified as “GMN Producer Guerilla Girl Ashley” that she sounded anti-American for questioning the state’s new gun control law.

Ashley said she called regarding a letter her husband received saying he must either sell, turn in or destroy his firearm, which was deemed to be an “assault weapon” by a new law passed in the state.

Lt. Vance explained the letter spelled out the options her husband now has regarding the law.

After about five minutes of give and take with Ashley regarding the law, Lt. Vance is heard saying Ashley sounds anti-American.

“I want to know, if it comes down to it, will the police go to my home if my husband refuses to give up a weapon that was formerly legal and now has been made illegal by a corrupt legislature?” she asked. “Will the police actually go to my home and threaten my family, ’cause I’m scared to death?”

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