Self-contradictory road signs in Boston vexing to drivers

Self-contradictory road signs in Boston vexing to drivers

[Ed. – Taxpayer dollars well-spent]

As if getting around Boston isn’t hard enough, FOX Undercover has found dozens of erroneous street signs in the city, a blunder that has red-faced officials scrambling to correct the wrong-way road markers.

“You have a hard enough time if you’re out of town, then you come in here and the street signs aren’t pointing in the right direction, that makes it even worse,” said one visitor to Boston.

The mixed-up markings were installed last summer as part of a $5.6 million city project, part of which including installing 728 signs for about $20,000. After FOX Undercover alerted officials to the mess, the city and state fixed a combined 36 signs so far and say they have another 17 to go.

Many of the problems were along Massachusetts Avenue, over which Rte. 2A also runs for part of its length.

For example, heading outbound on Commonwealth Avenue, a motorist would see two separate signs for Rte. 2A West. The older sign is correct, telling drivers to turn right to head down Rte. 2A West. But a newer sign, placed just before the older one, tells drivers to turn left for Rte. 2A West.

Over on Beacon Street, it’s a similar problem. A sign for Rte. 2A East has an arrow that is actually pointing west. And a sign for Rte. 2A West has an arrow that is instead pointing east. So a driver wanting to get to Cambridge by following the signs would instead turn the wrong way and head toward Roxbury instead.

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