Will Jimmy Fallon be as politically fair as Jay Leno?

Will Jimmy Fallon be as politically fair as Jay Leno?

I’m more of a Conan gal myself, but numbers-wise, Jay Leno has been at the top of his game for a long time.  I’m a fan of Jimmy Fallon too.  I think he’s likable and down-to-earth and people like that, but the big question is, will he be as politically fair as Leno was? Or will he wind up making The Tonight Show follow Hollywood suit in promoting the liberal agenda.

This week, Sean Hannity had David Berg, Tonight Show Producer for Leno on his show.  Berg pointed out that in his first week on the air, Fallon made one Obama Joke -the punch line being Joe Biden and one Republican joke – the punch line being Chris Christie.

Berg believes that Fallon “decidedly made a choice to be not as political as Jay.”  Fallon may be making the typically politically topical show into one that is apolitical.

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