Obamacare even more unpopular with uninsured

Obamacare even more unpopular with uninsured

Remember this chart when Democrats continue to talk about the need to keep ObamaCare but just fix its “problems.” The main reason offered for allowing the government to force everyone to participate in the command health-care economy was to make it easier for the uninsured to get coverage. If that’s the case, why do the uninsured actually hate ObamaCare more than the rest of America? Via Instapundit, who writes that “the rubes are catching on“:

Note what’s happened since the implementation of ObamaCare. In September 2013, positive reaction still edged out negative reactions. By November, despite the supposed high enthusiasm for making insurance available to all, that flipped to 36/39. Ever since, dissatisfaction has rapidly increased, and now only 22% of the uninsured have a positive view of the law — below the already-low 35% in the overall population, according to Kaiser Health. Fifty-six percent view the law negatively, far more than the 47% in the general population now, and in fact higher than any point in either series since the tracking began.

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