CA school superintendent’s 2013 compensation exceeded $600,000

CA school superintendent’s 2013 compensation exceeded $600,000
Graphic credit: Torrance Daily Breeze

The superintendent of the Centinela Valley high school district negotiated a contract so loaded with out-of-the-ordinary perks that he
managed to amass more than $663,000 in total compensation last year.

The Centinela Valley school board took a drubbing Tuesday night from residents of Lawndale and Hawthorne furious about recent reports in the Daily Breeze detailing how Superintendent Jose Fernandez collected $663,000 in compensation last year.

Jose Fernandez, the Centinela Valley school superintendent who amassed $663,000 in total compensation last year, has been formally evaluated by the school board only once since he was given one of the most lucrative contracts in the state in 2009. …

Superintendent Jose Fernandez was going through his second bankruptcy and had lost his family home when the Centinela Valley Union High School District threw him a golden lifeline in 2012 — a $910,000 home loan with no down payment to be repaid at 2 percent interest over 40 years.

Graphic credit: Torrance Daily Breeze
Graphic via Torrance Daily Breeze


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