Biden: New voter ID laws tied to ‘hatred’

Biden: New voter ID laws tied to ‘hatred’

[Ed. – LU: New Biden comment tied to addle-patedness.]

Vice President Biden said new voter ID laws in North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas were evidence of “hatred” and “zealotry” during a Black History Month event at the Naval Observatory on Tuesday.

The vice president said his votes to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act were among his proudest as a senator, and expressed frustration with a recent Supreme Court ruling striking down a key provision of the law.

“I thought it was done — finally, finally done,” Biden said.

The ruling struck down a provision of the law which required certain jurisdictions with a history of voting suppression to clear any changes in their voting laws with the Justice Department. The court said Congress could update the pre-clearance formula, but lawmakers have been unable to agree on new standards.

Some Southern states have subsequently moved aggressively in the interim to impose new, tougher voter I.D. requirements. Supporters of the legislation, including many Republicans, argue the new standards help prevent voter fraud.

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