Anti-white comic Aamer Rahman: There’s no reverse discrimination

Anti-white comic Aamer Rahman: There’s no reverse discrimination

Now that’s the stuff of GREAT comedy. Not.

Aamer’s routine is dripping with condescension and animus toward white, colonial, Europeans and Americans.

His audience laughs and praises the comic, who’s livelihood is predicated upon disdain of one sector of the population: whites.

But Aamer’s words should not be that unfamiliar — our own president echoes the same sentiments, both in his speeches and his book, Dreams from My Father. Perhaps Obama is more adept at layering a shiny veneer over the rhetoric, but his contempt lurks just beneath the surface.

Both Rahman and Obama whole-heartedly subscribe to Anti-Colonialism.

Dinesh D’Souza has produced a film (Obama’s America 2016) and written extensively about the “anti-colonialist” world-view.

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