Burglar to homeowner: ‘No, you don’t have a gun’: She did — and used it

Burglar to homeowner: ‘No, you don’t have a gun’: She did — and used it

A mother and her two young children wouldn’t scare off most hardened criminals. But one Detroit mother taught the world yet again that a firearm is all it takes to even the odds.

According to Mail Online, an unnamed woman and her two children were at home Monday evening when three intruders broke into their home. She warned them she had a gun, to which one burglar replied, “No you don’t have a gun.” He quickly learned he was wrong, as the woman fired her assault rifle at him and his buddies.

Amazingly, just as has probably occurred in every news report you’ve ever read about armed homeowners fighting back, the three suspects decided they were no match for the woman. They fled the home.

One Einstein was bold enough to run back to grab a gun he dropped and even made a second attempt to rob the house. A few more shots apparently made him think twice and he ran away again.


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