As Kiev burns, Obama Doctrine going down in flames

As Kiev burns, Obama Doctrine going down in flames

The Obama Administration’s lack of leadership on international crises has become so apparent that even The Washington Post is launching broadsides at the White House. In a tweet highlighting a major piece on Ukraine and Syria, the Post declared: “The ‘Obama Doctrine’ flounders as Kiev and Syria crumble.”

This is, of course, what conservatives have been pointing out for years: In a 2010 paper on the pitfalls and perils of the Obama Doctrine, my Heritage colleagues Kim Holmes and James Carafano argued that the Obama stance on foreign policy was making the United States and the world “less secure, courting global instability.… The Obama Doctrine is anchored in the belief that America is devoid of singularity, exceptionalism, or historic mission rather than a country with unique resources, experiences and devotion to freedom.”

This flawed approach, with a fundamental rejection of the notion of American exceptionalism, is amply on display over the Ukrainian crisis. The Russian reset has spectacularly backfired, resulting in staggering complacency in Washington over Ukraine and Moscow’s ambitions.

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