Tea Partiers too polite for the fight?

Tea Partiers too polite for the fight?

[Ed. – Time for some macroaggression?]

Conservative Americans hold tremendous political and economic power but refuse to use it.  They keep looking to elective politics, which is like the Indians looking to treaties to save them.  If Tea Party patriots and their sympathizers adopted the methods of the Sons of Liberty, the government would whistle a different Yankee Doodle.

One of the speakers at the convention gave an address entitled “Can we win by being insulting?”  As he spoke, I thought, “Telling this group not to be insulting is like telling nudists not to be so shy.”  The right wing tends to repress public anger, while the left revels in foul-mouthed frenzies.  Unlike progressives, Tea Partiers are psychologically conditioned by religion and culture to suppress negative emotion in public.  This largely results from the difference in psychological conditioning between Judeo-Christian tradition and secular humanism.
These two worldviews differ markedly regarding the expression of emotion, especially anger.  Consider Matthew 5:21-22: “But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister shall be subject to judgment.”  Self-directed lifestyling of humanism reveres emotionality, and the emotional disrestraint of the left is a tremendous political advantage.  Tea Partiers need to stop being concerned about how they look and sound.  They need to use healthy, righteous anger to energize their cause.  Some paint and feathers wouldn’t hurt.

The Last of the Mohicans ends with the lamentations of an Indian prophet: “The pale-faces are masters of the earth, and the time of the red-men has not yet come again…”  Is despotic government our new master?  Has the time for freedom passed away?

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