CO lawmaker leaves gun in committee room in state capitol building

CO lawmaker leaves gun in committee room in state capitol building

[Ed. – Most unsafe place on the planet?]

State Representative Jonathan Singer, a Democrat, said he found the gun left behind by Republican Representative Jared Wright, a former police officer from the western town of Fruita, who apparently forgot to retrieve the weapon when he left the room on February 6 after a hearing on easing concealed-carry rules.

“It’s unfortunate that this turned into a distraction, but it’s a real lesson on the responsibility a person takes on when they own a firearm,” Singer said in a phone interview. …

Singer said he noticed a canvas bag under a table after the House Local Government Committee adjourned.

“I saw an unattended bag, looked inside and saw a revolver,” he said, adding that he notified the Sergeant-at-Arms for the legislature and it was quickly determined the firearm belonged to Wright, who sits beside Singer in the committee room.

Wright could not immediately be reached for comment. Earlier, the lawmaker told the Denver Post that as a sworn police officer he is allowed to carry a concealed weapon inside the Capitol, although he will no longer do so.

Singer said Wright called him and “profusely apologized” for the oversight in leaving the loaded gun behind.

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