Joe the Plumber called a ‘teabagger’ in his new union work place

Joe the Plumber called a ‘teabagger’ in his new union work place

[Ed. – Remember when unions painted themselves as red, white, and blue? Looks like the VW workers in Tennessee dodged a bullet.]

Today, the man better-known as “Joe The Plumber” has himself a union job.

It might seem like an odd fate for Wurzelbacher, whose status as a mini celebrity in the 2008 presidential race paved the way for a book deal and a failed congressional bid. A quick scan of his Facebook page makes it clear that he’s still the same guy who promoted an article last year saying that America needs a “white Republican president again.”

And as Wurzelbacher described Sunday in a blog post that was flagged by The Toledo Blade, things have been plenty awkward at his new job with Chrysler.

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“I had three days of orientation, and now I’m ‘on the job’ over here at Chrysler and on Day 4, I’m outside on a break smoking a cigarette and right on cue – some guy calls me a ‘teabagger,'” Wurzelbacher wrote.

The insult underscored what Wurzelbacher sees as a double-standard. It also left him a bit confused.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Democrats and liberals, who are supposed to so tolerant and enlightened regarding homosexuals have for three or four years now, have been using a gay slur to describe people who they think are associated with the Tea Party. “Tea Bagger” has traditionally been a derogatory slur used to intimidate, put down, humiliate and otherwise taunt, smear, bully or just discriminate against gays – usually gay men – based on a sex act that gay men apparently made popular.
Decorum prevents me from describing it – they got this thing called “Google” now for that – but suffice it to say that the double-standard for what Democrats can say and what conservatives can say continues unabated, but still I thought to myself, did this guy think I’m gay, or was he making a statement of my political affiliation? I tried talking to him, but he went off about how he was a “journeyman” and started walking away.

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