Clinton Foundation stonewalls WFB requests for governor-era papers

Clinton Foundation stonewalls WFB requests for governor-era papers

[Ed. – But we bet they’ll give access to the Center for American Progress.]

An extensive collection of papers related to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s years in the Arkansas governor’s mansion remains under tight control at a public library in Little Rock, with access restricted by the Clinton Foundation. …

The collection, dubbed the “Clinton Project” by library officials, is still being processed by archivists, but is technically available to public viewing requests.

However, access to the documents is tightly controlled by the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit charitable group founded by President Clinton in 2001, which retains legal ownership of the papers.

A CALS official told the Washington Free Beacon last month that any request to view the documents would have to be approved by Clinton Foundation board chairman Bruce Lindsey, a long-time adviser to Bill Clinton.

“Bruce [Lindsey] is going to want to know specifically what you want access to and why,” said CALS director Bobby Roberts. “Then he is going to contact us to see if we have anything. Only then will he consider giving you access.”

Roberts added, “The material is housed in hundreds of archival boxes which are closed to the public without the permission of the [Clinton] foundation.”

Lindsey did not respond to a Free Beacon archive request in January, or to a follow-up request last week.

The manager of the archive told the Washington Free Beacon that there “really isn’t anything” related to Hillary Clinton in the collection. …

However, CALS director Roberts told CBS in 2007 that there were at least 34 files related to Hillary Clinton in the collection.

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